At what age do you think it is right to have kids?

@EliteUser (3971)
January 6, 2009 7:13pm CST
Hey everyone, There has been great controversy over this question, and that is why I bothere to ask this to the MyLot community! I have heard that people would rather have kids when they are younger (20-30) because then, they have a lot more patience with the kids, and they have a higher amount of energy to spend more time with the kids. Picture this, if you would have kids that would be say, 5 years old and they would want to run around and play on the play ground, at age 25 would you have enough energy to join in with your kids? Of course you would! But on the other hand, if you were say older (35-45) when you would have a 5 year old kid, do you think that you will have enough patience and energy to grow up your kids in a meaningfull manner? I would LOVE to heard your general ideas and comments on what age you think is right to have kids. Thx!
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@phalz81 (106)
• Singapore
7 Jan 09
Actually from my view, I have one baby boy now. The age is more consider to health for the woman side. Because for women who already 30++, they had difficulty to be pregnant as well.. This due to our body is aging, our inner and productivity of eggs also not easily like those who still 20++ and below 30++. I was 26 when pregnant... now 27. My friend even has 4 kids with same age right now and luckily she had twin boys beside 2 girls, so it's a blessed sometimes. In singapore, probability is low, people to get married and have kids due to financial condition and stress community. But not all like that, some people count by happiness for having more kids. So people expectation are different now a days. For me, maybe at the max I will have 2, Because I have to take care by myself, our parents not living in Singapore either. So I have to sacrifice to resign from my job. In Singapore we intend to compete with each other to be better. That's why more people have less kids now so they can provide the kids with better education and needs.In Indonesia you can afford it to have more maids and nanny. But in Singapore, it's just too pricey. About energy, I believe you do not want to be say old. And it's true patience also will be the key.
• United States
7 Jan 09
I don't think there is really an ideal age to have a child. I know 18 year olds that are mature enough, capable enough, and stable enough, both emotionally and financially, to have a child (not that they should!), and I know people in their 30's and even their 40's that are NOT ready for a child in any way. It really depends on the person and/or the couple. Some people who aren't ready (like myself; I had my first when I was 18) are able to adapt and even excel, while others that consider themselves ready find that they can barely handle parenthood. While I wouldn't recommend teenagers have babies, regardless of how well they could handle it, I would say that age has little to do with when it is right to have a child - the right time will vary from person to person.
@agrant10 (1446)
• United States
7 Jan 09
I think that 25 is a great age to start a family. You should be settled and more established at this age.