A quick survey...on you. Please answer,tnx

@deejlux (524)
January 6, 2009 9:57pm CST
Hi all :) There is a little survey i want to do with you all,here we go: 1) What's your country? 2) What work do u do? 3) What's your salary,in dollars? 4) How much does it cost 1 U.S. gal of fuel (or 1 L,but specifty it in your answer) in your country? 5) How much does it cost 1 sms to you in your country? 6) How much do u pay for your connection? And what kind of connection do u have? 7) How much do u pay a simple coffee? 8) Do u have to pay a standing charge for your television or home phone? If yes,how much? 9) How much do u pay 1/4L of beer? Thanks in advance ;)
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