VGA to TV....S-Video/AVI...something HELP!

United States
January 6, 2009 10:25pm CST
So I wanna connect my Desktop Computer To my TV. Simple enough? IDK....thats why i'm asking! I have a Dell Demension 2400: Specs: My TV has S-Video and ...AVI? (the three colored yellow white) I found a VGA to S-Video AVI ...something or other on Amazong but it says to check if you computer can support it! Support a cabel? Or my video card? idk! Can someone just please tell me if its worth spending $10 on? Can i really hook em up? Thanks!
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• India
8 Jan 09
I am also searching for this from long time. At the end I came to conclusion that I have to buy a graphic card or video card which has S-Video slot, so that I can connect My PC with my 29 inch TV. But experts says that if you have LCD TV than only you try to spend money, if you have CRT TV then don't spend money as it will not give good display as Computers monitors do. So check everything before making any purchase.
7 Jan 09
Do you have a link to the cable, as sometimes they are actually vga-3phono ... but the phono's are Red Green Blue (RGB). Support can be whether you have relevant outputs Whether your pc can output at a refresh rate to match the tv and so on. If your graphics card has svhs output then a simple cable from there to tv will suffice. If you require sound as well just get a jack-2phono lead. Jack to the speaker socket and red and white phono to tv.
@jabaz007 (252)
• India
7 Jan 09
if you have svideo jacks in tv then it should work. other way to connect tv to computer is to install tv tunner card (or external vga tv tunner) into your pc.