did u ever felt upset with your parents???

@jumz29 (23)
January 7, 2009 2:43am CST
one morning when i open my tv, i saw this movie about a girl who felt so upset with her parents for not giving what she wants...so it came to my mind how does it feel to be in that situation....so i make a situation were i will be upset with my parents.. after our church together with my parents i told them that my friends will be having a beach party then i wanted to go. but since its raining i asked them if i could barrow our car. but they didn't let me use it because they were also planning to go somewhere else but i insisted and told them that this will be a one time occasion and also a reunion for my friends but again they didn't listened...so the next day when they arrived they asked me how was the party...then i told them i did not make it the rain was so strong and its hard for me to use my motorcycle with my face so dismayed.and im starting not to be with them the whole day. then i went to a quite place and stayed their alone thinking. and i realized that its not a good and healthy habit to be upset with your parents or someone else for not having what you want. if you will continue with being upset then eventually you will be frustrated and the worst being depressed...
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@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
7 Jan 09
Hello There! Yes, I get upset at them especially with my father at times though I still love them. The one thing that upsets me the most is when my mother would not stop bothering me if she needs or wants to know something that I do not want to share. I end up like telling the half truth just to keep her quiet and to leave me alone but then she would pursue me. Lolz. I end up saying “Mother! Why is it so important?” then she would say “Of course, I want to know if it is important that is why I am asking” . Sometimes it is ok but at times, it really gets me upset, it is like I can’t keep my own secret to them. But that just happens at times now ever since I graduated from college. With my father, it is more serious. He loves to get drunk then will cause disaster at home like shout or being such a nuisance to us, his kids and wife… even to our pets! It only not upsets me but rather, I got mad and frustrated with him. I just hope he would really retire in drinking! He is never good in handling it! Goodluck and thanks for the discussion! Happy Mylotting! Cheers!