Know whether there is disease once seeing your hands?

Know whether there is disease once seeing your han - Do you know Wang ChenXia?
January 7, 2009 3:00am CST
Do you know Wang ChenXia? I known her from the TV in China. Wang ChenXia, is admitted to Chinese Medicine University of Nanjing and taken an advanced study and taken up a job as a doctor for more than 30 years after attaching to medical science in formation of production and construction of the Inner Mongol at 14 years old. The summit of her undertaking is the medical science of the line too, make her become the focus that Chinese and foreign medias of the various schools of thinkers track, her research results are that new choices that people prevent and cure diseases have many leader and well-known figures to ask her to diagnose a disease one after another even more, the upper ccircles of South Korea, Burma,Thailand etc charter the special plane, special train and scale mountains and ford streams to seek medical advice the magical palm line of rosy clouds of Wang Chen Xia of inquiries test diagnose a disease, can find out 132 kinds of diseases,diseases from the palm, can judge the early cancer hidden danger that Ultrasonography B,CT can 't be found at present early. I had Understand that i may suffer from the hypertension in old age from the TV.I am nearly massaging my hands and foot according to the way she had taught the audience.
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