Will Obama make a difference.

United States
January 7, 2009 7:58am CST
Do you agree with Obama next president and If so why do you agree and what do you see him getting accomplished while in office?
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@jonesy123 (3950)
• United States
7 Jan 09
Accomplished? Not much really. He ran on the message of hope and change but never really defined it, did he now. Just from discussions with others it is clear to me that people have different expectations from him in what way this change should occur and how it should affect their personal life in a better way. So whatever he does and the measurement of whether or not he accomplished much or nothing or anything in between depends very much on the individual expectation people have of him. That said, no matter what plans he had or still has for us, they will be hampered by the current economic situation. There is just not enough financial power available right now to deal with his 'pet projects'. That is also good news for those people who think he has a hidden agenda. Economically we will most likely be better off at the end of the four year term than at the beginning. That's just the normal cycle. We probably haven't hit the bottom yet, but there clearly will be an upwards trend in four years time. There would have been for any president, btw. It's just a normal cyclical economic trend. That is unless of course he'd greatly mismanage the country and the funds available for the government to use. As it looks like right now we'll greatly increase our national debt because he still wants to reduce taxes but the money for his stimulus package still has to come from somewhere. Depending on what else he does, we might get deeper in the hole. It also depends on what image he'll portray for the country on the international stage. Too much is up in the air right now really. Besides some sort of economic recovery (most of which will must be normal cyclical recovery), he will probably lower income tax and push through some sort of national health insurance. He does want to be re-elected after all and those are his two big items. At the end of the day, more will be under government control, which might simply not be handed back. Just look at what they are already buying up. They bought bank shares, gave money to the car industry in exchange for more control... The war in Iraq will end, which he also cannot take complete credit for because those efforts were already in the making back in the spring. It will not be as fast as he originally promised. He will increase efforts in Afghanistan and get Pakistan to cooperate more. But Osama will still elude him, if he even still is in that area. Something tells me that guy could stand right in front of the White House and they still wouldn't catch him or recognize him. I mean, put western clothes on him, shave off the beard... would you recognize him? Anyhow, even the war in Afghanistan might simply be brought to an end as well. It's become unpopular, too. Otherwise, he'll just bath in the attention he is getting and use all resources available to him to mute the nay-sayers. He did that in order to reach the top, he'll do it while on top. But here in America we have become so accustomed to be able to joke about and critique our leadership, I don't think he'll be very successful in stopping us from doing it, lol.
• United States
7 Jan 09
up untill this year, I was a very right winged republican but amereica is right, we need a change bad. I hope that he makes a difference.
• United States
9 Jan 09
He will make a difference, but will it be for the better or worse?
@arkansos (546)
• India
8 Jan 09
I dun really know. Bush has created a lot of havoc and guilt for Americans. The Iraq war was just a coverup. Abu Ghraib prison story was also rather infamous. i hope Obama does better.
@winieann (234)
• Philippines
7 Jan 09
a question to you. 1st are you an American citizen? 2nd if not why ask? am not an American but i think we have to believe to what the majority voted. cuz i believe that they have high hopes for change. and i is everyone's goal to make a difference.