How many bags do you have?

January 7, 2009 8:04am CST
Whenever coming across a bag stall, I tend to stop to have a look. I like bags. Office bages to hold A4 documents were my preference before retirement. I also have other bags, mostly big ones for journeys, for shopping, etc. But recently, I come to like smaller bags, but those with a lot of compartments, for purse, for mobile, for camera, etc. As for the color of the bag, I prefered black and brown, but for travel and photoing, red is marvelous. What are your faverates?
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@tasha19 (254)
• United States
16 Feb 09
i have about 4 handbags..i used to have alot more but i had to stop getting purses for my self and start getting diaper bags cause either the bag would get ruined or not everything would fit in my purse. so now i have like 2 handbags that i use one in a while and i have like 3 diaper bags.
@rheavegt (30)
• Philippines
7 Feb 09
hmm i have more or less 15 bags lol..wll most of my bags are 2ndhand used, i love sling bags and big bags...just this afternoon, me and my friend bought a 2ndhand bags from the market...a lots of nice bags there at the market, is just that the money we have is not enough to purchase more bags i only got 1 Brown bag...
• India
2 Feb 09
Hi zhuhuifen I love big bags. Right now i have 5 bags out of which 3 are office bags with black n browns. Other is a nice white clutch bag and another normal bag which i use for college. FOr parties i love carrying red and black clutch bag, they are awesome.. HAppy Mylotting!!
@regal_aeros (2606)
• Singapore
2 Feb 09
i just threw away a whole box of bags that i deem as too childish to carry. I mean i had them when i was still in school. Now, i'm in need of more "professional" bags. So in all, i only have approx 10 odd bags.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
2 Feb 09
now i have 4 bags ,2 small and 2 big. depending on going outside for shopping or going any travel i will take that bags which i like. i have 3 ,4 compartments in each bag whether it is big or small. then we can put the things we want in different compartments. and i like bags with more compartments ,which u like also. and i have one purse which i will take , when i go for shopping lonely . i like all colours in bags .the bag should be beautiful and if i like it ,i can buy it and use. i will not see for particular colour.
@eagle_f15 (2054)
• Malaysia
30 Jan 09
I don't use handbags because they are not practical for me as I carry a lot of stuff with me. I use bag pack. I have 2 bag packs. One is Fila brand and another is suppose to be a laptop bag but m using it as my daily bag pack. The Fila brand bag pack was a rip off. Suppose to be original FILA brand but the quality is lousy. The bag did not last long. It is still usable but the hooks on the zip have come off due to poor quality so it's quite troublesome when I need to open or close the zip. So for this bag, I have kept it in the cupboard. I also have 2 cotton sling bags. These are for light stuff. I like blue sports cotton sling bags but so far have not found one yet. besides if there one in the shops I still have to consider the I think I will just stick to my bag pack.........
@akangirl (2437)
• India
7 Jan 09
I have 4 handbags but 2 of them are out of fashion i bought them two years ago. One have golden straps which is out of fashion too and its small too. So now the only one i can use is this big handbag which is cool and ok and 6 month old. God help me i have only one bag which is big and that's too only ok. I love designer bags but they have became costlier even their duplicate is costly nowdays. Just look at the burbery bag displayed here. Its so coll. I wish i could have it