Making Extra money using Investment Venture.

January 7, 2009 10:41am CST
In this global crisis market while the stock markets are falling down one should put his money in Commodities market at world level as they are truely money yielding and also good when suggested properly. For example: If an individual puts 2 Lacs rupees in Stock market then it will take time to build up as in it long term investment is always good. But in commodities market since they regulate the world economy one can easily move for mini gold lots or mini silver lots at this stage for a target of 15000 for gold and 28000 for silver by the end of next couple of quarters. The simplest way is to put a lumpsum amount of 30000/- in crude oil where per barrel rate is 2400 Rs.(INR) and may wait for a target of Rs.3000/- as the natural crude stock is limited also the refinery mamooths who are regulating the world market won't let it go down upto that extent.
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