Message for cellular companies to make more profit.

January 7, 2009 11:21am CST
If we intiate with the bginning of mobile phones we will find that we have made the technology cheap only nothing else as in the year 2000 in India the incoming call rates were 2.40 Rs.(INR)/minute has been now waived off and also due to huge market competitors several companies are providing money to the users for incoming calls which can only be utilised by making outgoing calls. Now they have addedup the handset with several other features like Camera,MP3 Player,Radio,Windows OS etc. but if we comedown to the technology then still 3G is not available in India and if it also gets available then it would be that very costly initiallly that it would be of out of bound for common people so i would suggest for improvising the technology and taking it to common people. Hierrarchial levels in the society are necessary to keep the mamooths think in sharp manner to always provide something new to the society also as it would be a sharp booming resource for persons or corporates associated with production,development & marketing. So the zeist is that corporates should promote and finance the science and technology field either by making a collache with government to make it off properly.
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