Public Speaking...?

January 7, 2009 3:54pm CST
Do you like public speaking? Were starting it in English class and I'm really nervous to talk in front of an entire class. It's probably one of my biggest fears to be honest. I've tried all the techniques teachers tell you to make yourself less nervous, but they seem to never help. Personally I don't think it should be taught in school, or atleast taught by choice. What do you think about public speaking? Do you get really nervous standing infront of a group of people?
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@jheLaichie (4439)
• Philippines
22 Jul 09
i am not that good in public speaking my friend. because i am a little bit shy and nervous specially facing a lot of people. i am afraid that i might end up like a foolish gal infront of them all and got anything to do for them. and i hate i might end up not be able to speak whats in mind and just be losing it all in the long run. jhelai
• Australia
8 Jan 09
I am the same, i am naturally a very flowing chatty person that can talk or rant for hours about atopic but with publiv speaking a fumble i shake i forget. The techniques to nothing for me so what i do is just write extremely short bullet points out dont think about it unitl your called up and just start talking about it as though you were talking to your best friend. Ive been doing this for a small amount of time but it has worked really well
• United States
7 Jan 09
I've been on stage as a musician and singer since I was 6 so being in front of a crowd doesn't bother me. But I get what I call "good nerves" when I get under the lights and the music starts. It's an adrenaline rush, more excitement than fear. Public speaking is in the top 10 of the all time "Biggest Fears", so you are not alone. It's something everyone should do at least once, if nothing else just to say "I did it and I'm still alive!" Just remember that everyone else who has to get up in front of the class is just as nervous as you are, so most will be sympathetic. The best advice I can give you is practice. Give your speech in front of your family or a group of friends. Ask for a critique, think about how you are going to stand, how you are going to hold your hands, the tone of your voice, speaking clearly and not too fast. This all takes practice. Video tape yourself, if you have a video camera, giving the speech and critique yourself. The more you practice the more comfortable you'll be. Good Luck!
7 Jan 09
I hated this at school, but it is one of those skills which you really do find useful in the workplace, unlike algebra. The only suggestion I have is that everyone else in the class will be nervous too. They have to get up there as well. So if you can, try to get in early. That way everyone will be thinking "I'm glad its not me up there", rather than listening to you with a critical ear. Another advantage is that when you have had your turn, you can sit back and watch everyone else squirm, knowing that you've already had your say. It is true that it gets better with practice, but don't be hard on yourself. Slow down, check your notes, pick out one or two people in the audience and say a sentence to them, then pick someone else and do the same. I hope you get on ok.