When Friends Fight Are You Dragged Into the Middle of it

@syeryn (574)
United States
January 7, 2009 5:04pm CST
When dragged into the middle of a bad situation and doing all you can to help both parties, have you ever found youself be blamed for being the bad guy when the other two make up?Two of my friends had a heated argument right after the new year. They dragged me into the middle of it and I did my best to help out both of them. I helped them equally making sure not to play favorites. A few days later they fixed whatever was bugging them and now I am the bad guy for not making them sit down and talk so that they could settle their dispute sooner. Has this ever happened to you and how did it make you feel? I feel a bit used and abused at the moment and know this much, the next time they decide to go after one another with tooth and nail ready to draw blood, I will be conveniently unavailable.
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