How to get a girl to show she really feels?

January 7, 2009 6:48pm CST
Well,I've been in love with this one girl forever and right. When I was at the opitmoe of falling for her,she went out with someone else.But in their relationship she told me she liked me, but she was confused. It's hurt forever,but I'm still in love with her and everytime I talk or see her,she acts like nothing happened,like it was only me that was in love with her... So how do I get her to crack. I want her to tell me how she feels still.So should I make her jealous.or do something nice..say something to make her think..?I just want herto bring whatever up first,I'm not going to confront it first. I want to see if she will do it.Who can answer me?
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• Philippines
8 Jan 09
Hi Karlen! What can advise to you is be careful you don't get "stuck"and spend too much time trying to develop her feelings for you. And don't punished your self. Remember the old adage: If you love someone, set if free, if it yours it will come back to you. It's kind of difficult cause the girl has some issues also, there is indeed plenty of fish out there. Keep in mind that stretching your self to accept frustrations and disappointments is in great measure what love is about. You deserve to be the number one person in the life of the number one person of your life....All is up to you Karlen, but you could decide to stop and get out of that situation.....