Satyam Computers A Big Corporate Scam...

Raju-Satyam - satyam
January 7, 2009 9:14pm CST
Yes, Mr. Raju has made a big scam in the Satyam computers.. Approximately Rs.7000 Crores.. Which is a very big amount.. The Share prices has come down to just Rs.39/- yesterdary, when comparred to the previous day earnings this is the fall of around 80% (the previous day closing is around Rs.180/-) And more over the Sebi and the NSE proposed to remove the same from its listing.. So, what is the status of the Share holders those who are holding those shares..? what is the staus of the Retail investors?? What is the future of the company?? Is this the end of the Satyam computers.. or is there further improvement by taking this over by any other management or something to be benifiel to the share holders..?? And also what are all the other companies are in the Que to be continue with the Satyam comptuers.. to hit the Shareholders life..??Have you affected by these stocks..?? Post your opinion All the very best to you and keep posting and enjoy mylot.
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