What's the best way to utilise alertpay money,becaus withdrawing it is expensive

@jakes9 (215)
January 8, 2009 4:51am CST
What's the best way to utilise your alertpay account's money online, because if I withdraw it to my bank account it will cost me $15, which is quite expensive, atleast for me, its a lot. I am from India, and withdrwaing it to my bank account will cost $15, I don't know about other countries. Also which all sites accept alertpay as a method of payment, for shopping there. One way i could think of utilising my alertpay money was, by using it to purchase referrals, or upgarding on a PTC site, but I don't know which site should be trusted. Because its difficult to trust PTC sites, as they may turn scam anyday, and what if my account gets deleted there, without my information. Because i've heard people say that as soon as they upgraded on a site, it turned scam, or they deleted that account!! So please guide me, that what will be the best utilisation of my alertpay account money.
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• Ukraine
8 Jan 09
Withdraw it when it is 1000$ (for example) then that 15 dollars will not seem ``expensive`` for you. But if you withdraw 20$ of course you will get a couple of bucks... I tell you this because you dont want to invest your money. Dont want to invest? Then collect it. 15$ is the fee that alertpay cuts, in addition your local bank will also cut some money.
@jakes9 (215)
• India
8 Jan 09
I can invest it, but which sites can be trusted for investment. Everyday many sites are turning scams, which one should i trust? And, like paypal is accepted for online purchases, are there any sites which accept alertpay for purchases?
@rovian (1927)
• United States
8 Jan 09
There is a money cycler program I am using and only invested $2.70 USD (which isn't much) to start with. After that, I didn't have to do anything until it doubled. 75% will be automatically reinvested but besides that, I keep reinvesting the earnings from my account and repeat when it doubles again. I started with one cycle but right now, I currently have four. When each of these are doubled, I will cashout some of my earnings and reinvest the rest to create more.