Whats the main reasons for you...

@cryw0lf (1302)
United Kingdom
January 8, 2009 5:48am CST
When you just get out of a relationship, you want to be in another one even though your relationship may have been bad? Whats your main reason for wanting another relationship?
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@ronnyb (6120)
• Jamaica
10 Jan 09
There are a few things that would make me want to be in another relationship but they really have to be extreme because when I am in a relationship,I am usually in for the long haul but here are a few that readily come to mind : Infidelity ,I hate a cheating partner .I may inderstand if this happened when you were working late and something happened but when it is premeditated like you went out of your way to commit infidelity ,then that would be inforgivable Lack of love and care for me.If you continuosly do things to annoy me inspite of the fact that I tell you that I hate it when you do it,then that is an obviuos message that you dont care and I wouldnt be able to live with you becasue I wouldnt trust you.Furthermore your actions would make my time with you unbearble. If you were abusive both phsically and mentally then that wouldnt do.Consequently we are always quarelling and fighting .I couldnt live like that.Whats even worse is if you were abusive to our kids.
@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
8 Jan 09
Hi There. It is not for wanting another relationship in your life. It is the thought of being ready to enter to a new relationship that will carry you out in your next journey. I broke up with my ex boyfriend, it took me a year and something to be ready to love again. If you ask me, why I allow myself to have another person came to my life again, it is because I want to have a partner in my life. I don't want to be a single lady. I just think that i will be more happy if I have a family of my own and a husband to grow with someday. Oh, and grand children to take care of. No matter how bad your previous relationship, the heart will still learn to mend and be stronger... until it is ready to love again. Good luck! Happy Mylotting and Have a great day ahead! Cheers!
@maean_19 (4662)
• Philippines
8 Jan 09
My reason of having or entering to another relationship? It's simply because I believe that life has to go on. When I fall, I have to learn to let go of the past and move on. I need to rise from falling even though how many times I would fall, I would not fear to rise again and again. Heart breaks is a learning experience. It is not something to fear for and to stop loving another and to enter into a new commitment or relationship. Past has to be forgotten and we have to face the present.