My college blocked all sites through FRONTIER

January 8, 2009 8:28am CST
my college uses a new software FRONTIER, which blocks all the chatting sites,messengers all songs sites .Iam so disappointed today .everyone looking for an alternate.Any one help me so that i can start my gtalk atleast . My college admin challenges that no one breaks his security. No proxy site also working here. This real time protection system is so excellent that no one can break it. As Wi Fi is in my college so there is no chance of ip change. Please help
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• India
8 Jan 09
i am not sure if it will help but i had similar problems at my college also but i don't know wt software they used... i can give u some sites n softwarez for anonymous suring ang unblocking we used freedom its a software that helps u unblock the filters by channeling the n/w through other pathways.. 2.ultrasurf its the sme as above but is easier to use and find at net... 3.for only unblocking the surfing area u can use a host of proxy sites available on the net... eg,,, it wud b nice if it helped u... good luck
• India
8 Jan 09
thanx a lot.But all the proxy sites are also blocked ,ultrasurf also blocked.
• India
11 Jan 09
well it seems ur PC is blocked with Filters just go to run type drivers N see there will be a file named host open it with the Notepad see wats written dere in dat file if blocked by filters info must be dere so see N regain N change the blocked codes and open it No need of any soft.. if it will not work reply here again i will give you software to break filters bye
@diLLz520 (108)
• Malaysia
10 Jan 09
have you try to use VPN?? maybe its can help you...
@shanemre (357)
• Saudi Arabia
9 Jan 09
I guess, you should just have to wait until your classes finish. Do your surfing and internet stuff at home or somewhere after the class...