How many you bought book per month ?

Kuta, Indonesia
January 8, 2009 1:34pm CST
I am seldom read book. so in a month I am sometimes buy 1 book. That's if I at mall or supermarket and see book or good magazine and i am interested to bought it. How about you friends , How many you bought book per month ? Love U
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• Nepal
23 Jan 09
I also like to read books. It doesnt mean that I have to buy that one. I can borrow from friedns too. Besides magazine I buy lot of books whenever I want.
@mano5chi (207)
• Spain
23 Jan 09
I used to read about 18 books a year. Novels, I mean. I like horror, fantasy and crime books. My favourite authors are Stephen King, Terry Pratchett and Agatha Christie. Nowadays I am reading Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. First of a science-fiction tetralogy called "Hyperion Chants". If you like science-fiction, you should give it a try. As I mentioned above, I read 18 or 20 a year, but I buy only one or two books each three months. How is this possible? Well, I download many books from the web. Books are quite expensive.
• Nepal
25 Jan 09
Ya thats true. Books are more expensive. I also donwload ebooks and I can read it in any time. I use to load it in my mobiles. Its easy I can keep many ebooks in one mobile, so its handy.
• Mauritius
30 Jan 09
most of the time i read magazines. i prefer magazines to book. they are more informative i think.
• Cliffside Park, New Jersey
25 Jan 09
I'm rarely bought new books. But I like reading, its my hobbies and I'm often rent books. sometimes if I have much money I bought used books in traditional market. that's can save my money :) :) Happy for you !
• India
25 Jan 09
hi there,,,well i dont purchase books so frequently as i am not fond of reading so much i love playing games on my pc
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
9 Jan 09
Hi, I enjoy reading a lot, especially novels on crime, murder mysteries and horror. So I would go shopping for books at least once a month. I don't usually buy new books - they are very expensive, so I look for sales or go to used book stores.