Do u think 2009 will be a good year? despite of economic crisis, wars.,etc?

United Arab Emirates
January 8, 2009 4:29pm CST
Signs are not quite good. Global recession, wars in some part of the world or even in our own home, terrorism, depletion of nature, environmental problems alike..etc. etc. Do u think things will get better this year? or does it seem impossible. For me, despite of all that;s happening in the world, i still have high hopes for 2009. Actually, i wanted to welcome it with a big bang but the day before the new years day all kinds of celebrations were banned in Dubai where i stay, the reason they said is because of what's happening in gaza. I was disappointed, i wanted so bad to celebrate the end of 2008 hoping that as it ends all our problems end as well. New year, new hope, new life. It may seem like believing for a miracle to happen, but what the hell, this is the time when we really must not let go of our hope. It's all we have left, especially for those who got fired from their job last year of 2008. Things definitely won't get better if as early as the start of the year we keep on saying and thinking of negative things that we think are gonna happen. Let's all be positive people. It's all about law of attraction. Words become flesh. Thoughts become things. Prosperous 2009 to all!
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