How you decide th direction of your career if the current one is not good for u?

@ktosea (2026)
January 8, 2009 7:47pm CST
I am confused recently that my current job is so boring and sometime I just lost my mind,I don't even know what I am looking for and what kind of job will be good for me,everyday I sit in front of the computer and doing the simple data entry thing,no challege or much pressure.I feel so frustrated of myself. some colleges seems enjoy their work here and they work happily ,but this happy thing has nothing to do with me,I feel that I just lost my direction and don't know what to do.I do not even know what kind of jobs will fit me well and I can really enjoy it. there are many kinds of works out of here but I can not decide which is my favoriate and what should I make effort to is so boring recently,it's like a suicide right now.I think I need something can give me more challege out of it and more chance to make myself prominent. I look forward you guys giving me some advices and I'd really appreciat for any help
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• Malaysia
9 Jan 09
It is important for bosses or supervisors, or even the companies to provide a proper set of goals and directions for the employees in order to make them feel motivated. It will also give them a sense of direction and purpose. Without these motivational elements, employees will certainly start to feel demotivated and bored with the job. After all, we're not machines and we need reasons to do something. Reasons which are actually meaningful and purposeful to us, besides earning money to survive. If you have a purpose, then you will not feel that bored and frustrated. But that is exactly what most bosses are not doing. They just want to earn profit for the company, and don't really care about the direction or goal. Their goal is to earn more money and make you work. Full stop. But there are also times when we do feel lost and meaningless and directionless even if our companies have all the right motivational elements. The things we're doing now don't seem to interest us anymore. They seem to be so boring and repetitive. We've lost our passions in it. That is something which happened to me before and I did consider stepping out of my comfort zone to do something new, unproven and something which I think I might like it. But I didn't because I know I cannot survive with the mediocre pay that I might get, even if I do have the talents or knowledge to step into that new industry. Sometimes, it's a very hard decision to make and it's even harder when we know we cannot pursue our passions. But it's also time to face reality. We can't survive without money and survival is the most important thing in life, especially if you have people depending on you. At the end of the day, you just need to find that lost passion of yours again. What made you interested in the past? If you are interested in something new, maybe you can try to branch out to that field during your free time while keeping your boring day job. It's part of survival, remember? If you really feel comfortable and believe you can survive in the new environment, then by all means, go ahead. Make that big leap. Otherwise, it's better to keep it as a hobby or part time. And also, try to find reasons (meaningful ones) to love your job. I can do that since I've found something which I really like, which has some connections with my current job. If I can, I believe you can too. And remember that, even if everything seems to be hopeless, and you need to survive even if giving up your dreams...don't give up. Your dreams will always be yours alone, and they should never go away. Pursue them, even if it requires extra hard work from your side. Because who knows, maybe one day, you will be able to achieve those dreams and will start to lead a much more meaningful life. Hope it helps.
@ktosea (2026)
• China
9 Jan 09
Hi Daydreamer20 you suggestion is so reasonable.thanks for sharing so much with me,I really learnt a lot from you situation is just like you said:the employer do not have their goals either here,they did nothing to motivate the seems all they want is to maintain that they got now,no goals to improve or enlarge the company.besides the job itself is boring,it is my first job and I took it just because I need a job to survive after my graduation.everyone have his/her own dream and so do I,I will never give my dream up,the difficult is I can not figure out how to let my dream come true.not even a clue. the good thing for my current job is that I am good with my colleges and they all like me.I am sure I am the best out of this team and the most popular guy in my department.but that's not enough.I think I should stick to my dream and learn something I am intrested as a part time job,I hope someday I will get a better job which really intrest me.
• Philippines
9 Jan 09
Hi Ktosea! Wish I can be of help to you.:( I know how it feels, its like everyday there's no changes, and there's no challenge. Why not shift a job that involves helping others? They say people who is that field are happier at work. :) Happy mylotting!
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