whats the best song to sing in a competition?

@grace24 (1050)
January 8, 2009 11:52pm CST
hi guys!!can you suggest any good songs?my sister recently joined in a singing competition..she is having a hard time on picking songs for the final competition...she need a song that will blend in her voice, because she have a very loud voice and sometimes she can't pick up a very high notes but she have a good voice..what song do you think that will fit in her voice?She is looking for an english song and a rock song? any suggestions??...
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@savak03 (6681)
• United States
9 Jan 09
Her voice will pick her song for her. She should choose a song that she can do well. Since she has a strong voice she should pick a powerful song. She should not try to do a song out of her comfort zone but go with one that she is the most familiar with. Don't try to choose a song to impress the judges but one that impresses you, or in your sisters case, her.
@richi1993 (102)
• Mexico
9 Jan 09
My Way by Frank Sinatra is easy to learn, the tone is middle voice and it has a lot of long notes that are good for loud voices. I like Violet Hill from Coldplay, it's a beautiful song, but is Brit Pop. Which language is her native one? Her voice will sound better in her native language because her throat is designed for it.