education and success

@shanemre (357)
Saudi Arabia
January 9, 2009 12:21am CST
The value of education is taught to us by our parents and the society. I am personally brought up by the idea that education can give me the chance to improve my life and the life of my family. Do you agree that education is the key? What about those who are not even able to go to school. does that means they are hopeless? I think that education is important in success... I don't deny the fact that some people become successful by merely having the ability and the dream to do whatever it takes for them to be successful in life. But on my personal view... I think that EDUCATION IS NOT A REQUIREMENT TO BE SUCCESSFUL, IT IS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS.
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@srijshm (1165)
• India
9 Jan 09
It is good to have education, i guess it make success easier. But as you put it, it is not necessary for success. Neither are marks scored by you any indication to how successful you will be in life. are a sigma6 company, without any educated people in it. They delived packed food to offices. Bussiness accumen has no relation to studies. A group of law students were researched on after 10 years of passing. all the distinction students were at the lowest level of earning.Most of them had become teachers or got government jobs. The most successful lawyers were the students who managed to barely pass at the law school.