The Guiness Book's Smallest Man is 2'5"

He Pingping world's smallest man - Standing at 2'5", He Pingping is the world's smallest man who can walk. He's a primordial dwarf from outer Mongolia in China. I got this image from
January 9, 2009 3:13am CST
I watched a program about him recently. I was captivated watching him move around among regular sized adults, smoking cigarettes that in his tiny hands looked like enormous cigars. Later I watched a YouTube video of him with the tallest man. I was fascinated, but my wife felt ill watching. She felt sorry for him getting gawked at like a freak. I said you shouldn't feel sorry for him, he's now rich and famous.. feel sorry for the second shortest man in the world who lives with the indignity but not the riches. What do you think about the fascination so many of us have with these truly unique people? Are you fascinated or grossed out? Should we leave them alone? Could we possibly leave them alone? What is your perspective from a religious viewpoint, if you're religious?
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@dbhattji (2507)
• India
9 Jan 09
I also saw him on TV and thought that he liked the attention. After all it would be very difficult for him to get a job and earning regularly.
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• France
12 Jan 09
That's my view. We're all given our lot in life. That he's such an extraordinary human can be seen as a gift rather than a handicap. What do they say - when given lemons, make lemonaide! We should all view our shortcomings in similar light. Thanks for the comment.