Ciao Are you still making money?

United States
January 9, 2009 3:33am CST
Hello every one I had not been on Ciao lately as I have been here on my lot taking a break on ciao no that they are no longer paying for reviews. However the last time I logged in to my Ciao account I had 3.19 in there when I just logged in I had 3.23 in it. I guess we are still getting oaid for the reviews that we have on there when they get rated. Seems like we can still make money on Ciao. Is any one else still making money on Ciao?
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@marina321 (4561)
9 Jan 09
Yup, still making money on Ciao, have already reached payout this month and made payout last month too... It is slow on the earnings but I suppose the main thing is to enjoy writing the reviews which I do; I mainly review products I've used and also music albums I've listened to or own which I find rather interesting to do...
@rprabu1 (162)
• India
9 Jan 09
they pay for every rating we get for our reviews it is very nice thing to earn over there even they cutted paying for writing reviews
• United States
9 Jan 09
Well I am doing rating on Ciao for all my friends. If you would like to add me as a friend please send me a PM and I will give you my user name in Ciao. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
@marina321 (4561)
10 Jan 09
Thanks for the BR
@anonymili (3138)
9 Jan 09
Yup, don't want to disclose the actual figure but I've made payment previously of over $100 and continue to make a nice bit of pocket money from the site. If you use the site properly and honestly there's no reason why you shouldn't continue to made money from it :)
• United States
9 Jan 09
Thats not a problem I understand thanks for the response. If you would like to add me as a friend in Ciao please send me a pm. Happy posting.
@anirc750310 (3424)
• Romania
13 Jan 09
hi there! Yes I am doing good money on Ciao. And yes they pay even when you are not there, if your friends and people there rate your reviews. And I guess points level has something to do with. I like Ciao for the moment is Ok, even they don't pay anymore just for writings. See u!
• Philippines
9 Jan 09
Ciao is till paying,but they are not paying as much as they used to.The 1$ per review dropped to 0.25$ per review.NOw,you get 1cents per new review, 2-3 cents per erview to an item that has never been reviewed, 1 cent per review rated and 1 cent for every rate you do to others review.If you are a great review maker and you are one of the top writers, you will get a share from their Premium fund.last monnth i got my share of 2$ from the premium fund.I already reached my payout this month.The earnings are not the same as it was before, but still its genuine and it pays so i will still be active in ciao.
@chiaeugene (2226)
• China
9 Jan 09
yes, we can still earn from the read/rating from other members on our reviews and it slowly adds up to quite a sum of money. i earned about $20 last month this way and another $6 this month till date this way too. i think it is a matter of helping each other and many are doing it. if you are interested to make friends in CIAO with me, you can add me to your COT. My username is the same as in mylot.