Can guys n girls B 'jst friends',or will there alwys b a chemistry between them

January 9, 2009 4:14am CST
itz not alwayz true bt sometimes itz true that we have to aacept, what u think plz share your views ...
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• Philippines
9 Jan 09
There has to be a mutual respect for boundaries and a lot of trust in the relationship in order for it to remain platonic. One man maybe able to be friends with a a woman for year without to progress, while other man may consider taking his chances at something more.... Everyone is difference. So the answer is depends.. a woman could have a perfectly platonic with one man, while there may be too much attraction with another man for it to remain on a friendship level. As long as the boundaries are respected and feelings are considered, you may go on forever as "just friends"! Happy mylotting!
• United States
9 Jan 09
It depends if the people do actually like each other some people could just be friends others can't, and a lot of times people spend so much time together that they develop a intrest