Do you still have tender feelings for music of your youth?

United States
January 9, 2009 7:48am CST
Peace and respect to people that happened to grow up in times of Elvis,Michael Jackson and other great artists,however, not everyone was so lucky I must say I do feel nostalgic about silly little pop I used to listen to when I was aroung 10 lol I don't think I have much to regret after age 16 but before... A couple of days ago I came across this Youtube video and it made me roll on the floor laughing,I can't believe I found that song hot! Well,also that was the first time I saw the video: What is your story?
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• Philippines
14 Jan 09
The songs that I have nostalgic feeling when I hear them are the songs that my parents used to play in the car when I was a kid. I used to live in another country when I was a kid, and when I hear the songs of my parents, i remember how simple life was back then.
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• United States
14 Jan 09
Same here, I've sent some of these songs to my mom, she was happy
@deelin (18)
10 Jan 09
I still listen to music that I liked when I was young. Not all of it sounds as good as it did but the great performers still sound great.
@DjSatin (136)
• United States
11 Jan 09
I am sure many people have memories when hearing songs of their youth. music inspires memories and can make some new ones too. music is the passion of life. i would not want to live in a world where there was no music. if your in the mood to hear some oldies or even some new music tune in to and request a song that brings some memories back to you. many will be listening with you so your sharing a memory.
• United States
12 Jan 09
OK, thanks!
• Ireland
9 Jan 09
HI again. I do have tender feelings for music from my youthful days. Funny because as I am typing what I'm going to say I am listening to the music that I know of from way back in my high school years. It makes me feel nostalgic and think of the days back when the song was first realeased. It also brings back memories of the good old days... the laughter ... the fun... and the tears. Lucky that we can noow access them in the internet. Have a nice day..
• United States
10 Jan 09
Yeah,internet(and file sharing) make life much easier Good day to you!