Need Help With Repairing Ceiling Fan

United States
January 9, 2009 9:51am CST
November 4th, 2008 my family and I moved into a new rental location. Everything has been fine up until I noticed the ceiling fan in my office is starting to work it's way out of the ceiling. Been arguing with the landlord and the maintenance folk to get this repaired promptly, but it's been over a month now and I'm getting fed up with hassling with them, and told the landlord I would fix it myself. However, my dilemma is I have his approval to fix it myself, but cannot remove the ceiling panel where it is located to make sure that the darn thing was mounted right to begin with. I have tightened all screws that were holding it up, and it seemed fine, but now it's starting to come loose from the ceiling again which says to me in my mind that it wasn't mounted right, so my question is, is there a way I can check the mounting of the ceiling fan and correcting it without having to remove the paneling around the fan? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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