NATO group mates

January 9, 2009 11:20am CST
NATO = No Action.. Talk Only Do you such group mates? Well, i happen to have one. All she does all day is dedicate work and talk about this and that. She demands us to do our research and read our cases. Bur during discussion, she would sit at the head of the table like some CEO and demand us to fill her in.. because she has NO TIME to read. like HELLO!!!! So, what do you do in such cases? Have you ever encountered such people?
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@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
10 Jan 09
I do not like this kind of people. Normally I will be the doer, and happy to share with whoever needs help, but reluctantly with who think themselves born a boss. Without diligent participating in the activities, they will turn out to be in lack of hand-on skills, as well as experience in information collection, screening, and analysis, which are the basis for achieving successful career. But on the other hand, there might also be something you can learn from them. The motive to take lead, to monitor teamwork, etc. These are also musts for you diligent workers.
@SeishiroX (1076)
• Philippines
9 Jan 09
Lol. I've had my share of this groupmates. They're the sort that loves to talk, have big ideas all the time but when the difficulty of implementing their ideas are placed in front of them, they start giving excuses. Many a times I've given these kinds of people a slap on the head.