Gomez Peer

January 9, 2009 5:17pm CST
What do you think about this site? You sign up on their site, download the program, install it and you make money with it. When you're online they will give you money. But they don't give you very much. I have 3870 minutes online and only 0.10$. Also they give you 1$ for every referrer and the minimum payment is 10$. LoL it will take you an eternity to make 10$. Only if you make referrals. So is anyone here that use gomez peer?
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• United States
10 Jan 09
Is that one of the ones that monitor your surfing habits? If so, I would go with someone else that actually pays well to spy on you.
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• Romania
10 Jan 09
hmm...i don't think that they spy my computer. i'll try to make 10$ and i'll ask for payment.
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• United States
14 Jan 09
I am not saying they will. There are companies out there that tell you they will pay you to see what sites you visit and such. I thought it might be one of them.
@oliverdt (1959)
• Philippines
1 Feb 09
Hi life2cris, interesting discussion, well I am using gomez peer for more than one(1) year already I've been paid by gomez peer eleven(11) already. 2008/01/01 $0.00 2008/02/01 $25.13 2008/03/01 $25.59 2008/04/01 $32.60 2008/05/01 $45.00 2008/06/01 $45.00 2008/07/01 $33.67 2008/08/01 $32.97 2008/09/01 $27.99 2008/10/01 $27.35 2008/11/01 $32.02 2008/12/01 $17.20 2009/01/01 $20.84 2009/02/01 $27.66 I just want to comment on the minimum amout before they send you money. Its not $10 but $5. If you accumulate $5 or more then they will send you the money trough the payment processor you are using. The last two payments in the list still not sent to me by gomez. But I don't worry much because It happened to me before. But still even with the delayed payment you will be surprise the you get two payments in your paypal account or what ever payment processor you are using. By the way my earnings fluctuate because sometimes the work unit is too slow and it is happening right now. You see my earnings is getting lower each day. Just be patient and wait for your payment as I do.
@fayeeh (117)
• Japan
30 Jan 09
I am also a member of Gomez Peer. I installed the software last week of November and got an Active status on December. As of now, I have $10.39 in my balance. Not sure when I will get the payment. I'll just wait a few more days or another month to be paid. If I will get paid, then I'll continue using it. If not, then of course, I'd rather stop using it.