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@CRIVAS (1819)
January 9, 2009 6:16pm CST
I found out today that my cat, who I have had since I was 12, has a tumor. I am very sad, I moved out of my parents house and had to leave her with my mom. My mom called me today after she had taken our cat to the vet and told me the terrible news. I cried for most of the morning until there were no more tears left, now I am just left with this sick feeling in my stomach. The vet gave my mother medication to shrink the tumor but it's only a matter of time. The vet tried to be positive about it and told my mom that my cat could still live for a few more years. The only trouble with that is that we have already lost a family cat to this type of condition and letting her suffer was not pleasant, we finally had to put her down. I know that my mom is sitting at home right now spoiling our cat and trying to make her feel as loved as possible. I also know that my mom is trying to make herself strong enough to face what' comming, I could hear it in her voice. I just hate this whole mess. It makes me not want any pets. I have a dog that I have had for over 6 years now and a cat that just recently joined our family thanks to our daughters. I am afraid that they will get too attached and that when the pets die, they will be crushed. I just don't know what to do or say anymore. I have tried to talk to a few people about it and their response was that I shouldn't get so upset, after all they are just animals. I really hate it when people say $#!# like that. My cat is NOT JUST AN ANIMAL! SHE IS FAMILY. I know that it might be hard for some people to understand but if you have a pet for a long period of time, you form a bond with them, they become your friend. I guess you have to have a heart to understand.
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@dsrtrose (166)
• United States
10 Jan 09
I had a cat for 18 years who developed a tumor around the age of 12 and with no treatment(she had no symptoms) she did fine. When she started falling down, I figured it had spread and then shortly after,put her to sleep. 18 years is as long as u have a child. I miss her still today and that has been 12 years ago, and several cats. Each animal we have, steals a special part of our hearts and they bring us unconditional love. All we can do is enjoy the time we have together and make their passing as painless as possible. And years from now another cat will own a different part of your heart as that one spot belongs to the one you have now with tumor. Good luck to you!
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@CRIVAS (1819)
• Canada
10 Jan 09
Thank you I appreciate that a lot. I guess I should treasure the times I had with my cat and enjoy the memories, thanks again.
@skysuccess (8881)
• Singapore
10 Jan 09
CRIVAS, First of all, perk up and I am sure your cat will appreciate the times with your family and you. Yes, I can understand what you are going through and the bonding here. I have pets of my own at home and overseas at work, I know how attached one can be. Just enjoy the times and be as happy as you can when you are together. Just do not neglect them even when they are healthy and perky. Take care.
• Regina, Saskatchewan
10 Jan 09
Oh Crivas, my heart goes out to you and your Mom. Of COURSE pets are family members! Why bother having them, if we don't feel that way about them eh? It hurts terribly to see our loved ones suffer and pass on, no matter how many legs they have. The greatest lesson though (besides unconditional love) that our pets teach us is how to handle loss. Children are resilient and bounce back from the loss of a pet much easier than they would from the loss of a parent or sibling and that's a blessing. It's we older folks who have a hard time letting go of our pets. You and yours are in my prayers. I hope that your beloved cat does have a few more years left and that she doesn't suffer too much to bear. Hugs.
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@annjilena (5620)
• United States
11 Jan 09
your animal is not just a pet for some people this is their child and some people cannot have children so they choose a pet to love as their on.they take care of this pet just like they would a are right you do have a bond with that pet and you love that pet because your pet is part of the family.i know how i felt about my pet i love him and i raised him from a babe.he was part of my family.animals have feeling to and they think and all the other nine yards,what are people thinking animals have a soul too.they are not like a stuff animal they can make you laugh just like a child i want to say to you your animal is going to be ok.continue to love your animal and take care of your pet.god will bless you and your family.i wish you the best