Looking to award Best responces.

January 9, 2009 9:31pm CST
I am looking to reward people for best responses. Honestly I have gone through my post and seen that lots don't have a best response yet. So I have gone through and awarded some people with them. I chat about a variety of topics so I have about 50 best responses to give away. I am making a few post today that I have jotted down in the truck this week. Feel free to check them out. Write a good answer to my post and most likely you will have a best response. Do you award people for best responses? I try to stay on top of it but I fell behind. I caught up and I'm ready for some new bests. I think we should be able to award a few per topic, because months later you might get a really good one that you think should have credit for. Do you think this as well?
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@conbill (369)
• United States
10 Jan 09
I agree with you that we should be able to award more than one best response. I have only been here a couple weeks now and am just learningthat you should rate peoples discussions. I have given a few best responses and then a day or to later wished I could also give it to another response. Maybe they could come up with a star system or something. There are times I really like a response but don't neccessarily feel it is the best, but feel that it deserves more than just an okay.
@cooiky (548)
• China
10 Jan 09
after i join mylot,i just get one best response.when i know it,i just go back to add a new comment for thanks. so what the way you plan to award others?