What do you get at timmies?

January 9, 2009 10:43pm CST
Well since my boyfriend got his new job I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a cup of hot java from Timmies every morning. What do you get in your coffee? In a extra large I get 3 cream 4 sugar. My boyfriend gets 4 cream 5 sugar. If we go in the morning I get a muffin usually blue berry of fruit explosion. I don't like butter on my muffins but the bf always has butter with his. Today I tried a cherry danish because we were there around 11am. It was very good. There was cream cheese baked inside of it. Defiantly will have it again.
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• United States
10 Jan 09
I'm addicted to their iced cappuccino (did I spell that wrong??), so that's pretty much all I get when I indulge. :0) It usually fills me up pretty well, so I don't usually buy anything to eat while I'm there. Everything smells so good, though, that I might skip the drink and get the treat next time I'm there . . . however . . . that addiction might take over, though! :0)
@dodo19 (33037)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
10 Jan 09
It depends on the time and my mood. What I get will vary from time to time, but not by much. There are specific things that I like to get at Tim's. I often get their hot chocolate, or their french vanilla coffee. At times, I might also get a muffin or something. But like I said, what I get varies, all depending how I feel and such. Enjoy your Tim's!