funny answer to a serious question

@meipan (745)
January 10, 2009 5:35am CST
It's late in the evening of december 24,2008, almost all over the world wait the midnight come to celebrate the christmas with their family, but because of what happen in our family (my cousin and my 3 Grandfather died months after months) and also lack of financial, we deicided to celebrate christmas by means of sleeping. My grandmother sleep early than us but she woke-up several times to wait the 12:00 o' clock... we thought that she only waiting for the noche buena (a traditional eating on the midnight of christmas in the Phils.) but 11pm had come and we are all sleepy when she rose to the bed, i asked her why she wait the time to be 12 o'clock she answered as "so i can go to sleep" we didn't intendt to laugh at her but we can't help ourselves... at that night eventhough we're kind'a lonely she made us happy...
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