@Sydemon (119)
January 10, 2009 5:41am CST
what advice can you give someone who wants to improve his writing skills in english?
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@alex7025 (48)
13 Jan 09
I you learened english watching kids programmes and cartoons, basically because they tend to be educational. Newspapers are another great way to learn, as you see how it is done. Keep a dictionary at hand and keep practicing here on my lot. It will take no time. If you have seen a movie in your own language, try to get an english version so that you get the differnce and understand the meaning of words. Hope it help. Good luck
@pandapig8 (362)
• Philippines
12 Jan 09
I actually just learned from watching movies. I said to myself that if it sounds nice then that's good english. I try to immitate hollywood dialogue and therefore that is what made my english skills better. just observe how they speak and how they use certain words and then from there just practice and practice until you get the hang of it. Some say that movies are destructive nowadays. It's just that people don't get to see the good side of it. Modern day movies revolve around socio-economic and political themes. even cocky movies such as legally blonde and Miss congeniality are socio-political. Kids nowadays learn from that. I guess my wanting to be an actor too and me aspiring to become a writer is what pushed me more to observe and apply. Just observe and observe then apply. Get a partner to practice with or on. Speaking english doesn't have to be so hard.