How do you think working as a salesman will benifit you?

January 10, 2009 11:19am CST
How do you think working as salesman will benifit you? Do you think salesman or salesgirl is better doing in sales line? I've work as salesman for 6years past before i work in an international bank.Before that I work in a big manufacture company known as DANONE that sells tiger biscuit, jacobs biskut, twisties snacks aso. My job is to services international outlets such as CAREFOUR,JUSCO,MYDIN aso. I found out that sales job is trendly free and independent. The most important is earn capacity is unlimited. Mostly sales job is mostly for guys because of habited or interested for guys to run outdoors oftenly. But nowadays many young good looking girls take sales being apart of their hobies. Is true that they are more attractive for customer expecially the types that learns MU(a football teams) to put half ball on top and bottom half. They din even have to conqure the skill on speech and selling skill. That even makes many experienced salesman lost their jobs include me in my past company that they fired all male salesman and hired all young attractive women in play for some refreshment. Sometimes i will think is it the director plan to organised a "miss company" contest?
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