love or infatuatuion?

@phatsi (42)
January 11, 2009 4:26am CST
Infatuation is blind.. but love sees and examines.. true love uses its eyes to see and examine the strength and weaknesses of the prospective person or partner. does not afraid to ask hard questions nor to do difficult examinations. infatuation is childish but love is mature.. infatuation is a state of being self-centerd, selfish with no concern for the others. but love is other centered. it is concern with the welfare of others. infatuation is like a choldish and irresponsible. it cries for gratification today, regardless of the consequences later. on the other hand love refrains from enjoying today that which it will regret tomorrow. infatuation thinks like a child and behaves like a child, but true love it has put childish ways behind. infatuation is in a hurry, but love takes time.. "everything of permanent value takes time." knowing a person always takes time and there is no short cut. growing a relationship takes time.. infatuation leads to a dog's life.. "love is not controlled by feelings.. it does not do anything and everything it feels. rather, in true love the feelings are under the control of principle.. ---hope i give you the real difference between true love and infatuation..
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