Would you compromise your faith for a love one?

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January 11, 2009 9:37am CST
As christian the Bible is our instructional guide as to how to live. Do you compromise and go against God standards? Do you have holy boldness when it comes to people who want you to indulge in sinful activities? The only thing that stands between you and them is the devil. So if demons tremble when they hear the name JESUS why do fear losing a love one because they not like the words of God that suppose to come out of our mouth? Make an effort to clean out your spiritual clothes get rid of people, places and things that have you compromising God's standards. If you do this you will grow spiritually. Please send me praise reports, because I used this method and my spiritual life has really grown. What I write is written in love. Mylot is great platform for every christian to spread the word of God and keep one another encourage the pennies, I gain from writing means nothing, it all about God's will. It's each Christian responsible to sow seeds into their harvest, you do that by delivering the message. Ok soldiers get on the battlefield, we can't enlist scary christians for this war.
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@KrauseHome (35026)
• United States
12 Jan 09
Personally, there is nothing in my life that I feel is worth trading or giving up for my belief in god and the standards in life I set for myself as well. I do have Friends who are not Christian but that does not mean I am with them all of the time. Most of the time I find myself trying to do things to Witness to them, and invite them to Church from time to time as well. I would never judge someone because they are different, but I do let them know where I stand and then let them decide how they want to take me from there. But first and foremost God comes first, and if they do not want to understand that one, then I try to distance myself unless it is somewhere where I might not have a choice as well.
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23 Jan 09
I feel like a lot of us get to the point where we don't know what we should and should not be doing. See you really have to be willing to except God into your life because he is a gentleman and he's not going to force you to do anything. If you know who God really is you would hae the trust,faith,and you will be willing to do what you need to do to praise him. For we are here to praise his holy name. He said"Let everything that has breath praise ye the lord". We limit ourselves when it comes to God because if he's not doing for us then we won't do for him. That is just a dumb way of thinking. People have to look at their life and see that you wouldn't still be living if it wasn't for him. I would not give this up for nothing in the world to please anyone. I have to confess with my mouth my sins and not anyone else. All I can see is we either going to get our houses in order or he's going to catch you with your work undone. But I want to be ready when Jesus comes.