wrecking a friendship

United States
January 11, 2009 10:59am CST
I have these two friends and lately all the been doing is arguing and I need a solution to their problem because they are sickening to be around right now. The first one was dating this guy for 5 years and they had three kids together her man treated her real bad he didn't work he didn't clean or stay with the kids while she worked she had to pay his mother to babysit he abused her mentally and physically and all the while friend number two seen it and always told friend number one she could do better and deserve better. Now two years later friend one and her man broke up the get along a lot better now almost like best friends and one day friend number two ask how would friend number one feel if she dated her ex man ok the argument started there friend number one was upset that friend number two would even have that idea but said she don't condone them being together and that he would treat friend number two the same way and eventually he did he beat friend number two crashed her car and house and left her for someone else and told friend number one that that's why she shouldn't trust her friends be cause they are all man hungry and would wreck a freindship for a chance at love even when they know the guy is a dog ok mylot readers would you ever do that to a friend even if you think u can change the guy. I feel my friend should call friend number one and laugh at her and tell her if he wasn't changing for his kids why would she think she could change him is love really that hard to find that women as well as men would backstab a friend. Ttyl thanks
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