how much school can a child miss

January 11, 2009 11:38am CST
my daughter has allready missed 10 days and will miss a few more this week of school due to being sick. but it's the beginning of a new semester at school and during that sememster she's been there 5 days. i know there is a maximum of sick days per year you can miss before you fail but she is in kindergarden. does anyone know what the amount of days are and would they really fail a kindergardener?
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@bizmom24 (163)
• United States
12 Jan 09
You would think it doesn't matter but to them it does, I had this problem and when my son had missed 1o0 days I was called into the principles office, he wasn't in so I had to deal with the assistant principle, as he told me that my son couldn't miss anymore school as it would affect his education, I told him I could not help that he was sick, and in their pamphlet folders they hand out each year states that if kids are sic with sore throats,coughing or a high temperature, do not send them to school, as this was going on with my son, and he had me find all the dates my son was absent send in copies of the notes I had sent in or send in something that I kept for those days he was sick. it was really ridiculous. and I told him that from now on I would send him in, all he was going to do was call me from home to come and pick him up because he was sick, so what was I suppose to do. then I would be labeled as a bad mother. but fortunately I was friends with the principle himself and he knew I didn't just keep my son home. so be careful as schools do act weird about it. they wanted to suspend him of course so be careful! Bizmom24
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@maximax8 (28247)
• United Kingdom
11 Jan 09
I am a primary school teacher and I began teaching at a time parents could take their child out of school for holidays and not worry about time spent at home ill. However my son's school quote figures to show how absence affects performance. On the report it shows attendance as a percentage. I know that sickness is understandable however taking time out for holidays is not allowed anymore. I am sure your daughter will not fail kindergarten. Good luck.
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@galoforce (264)
11 Jan 09
i suppose that during the early years, it is not as important as the later ones, theirfore i believe that she will be ok even for a little while longer. im sorry but i dont know the corriculum for kindergarden as i live in the uk, though if you do, or you can ask one of the teachers, then maybe you could teach your daughter what she is missing? all that been said, to awnser your question 'would they really fail a kindergardener' i really doubt it to be honest, as even if she did fail, they would take into account the time she had off sick.
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