best joke ever!

@Haloman (122)
United States
January 11, 2009 5:02pm CST
what is the best joke you have ever heard? i think my favorite would be the following there was a class of children learning about table manners when the teacher asked a question for the boys. "if you're on a date with a lady boys, what's the proper way to excuse yourself to use the bathroom?" the first boy put his hands up and said " i'll be right back i gotta go pee" the teacher said sorry but that's not very appropriate. the second boy put his hand up and said " excuse me i have tto use the bathroom" the teacher said "well that's a little better but still bathroom is not a very good word to use at the table" a third hand goes up and the boy says " excuse me dear i have to go shake hands with a good friend of mine, hopefully you'll meet him after supper"
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