OMG! We're playing the Steelers!!!

@DCMerkle (1281)
United States
January 11, 2009 10:15pm CST
I'm just dumbfounded. I love my Ravens and I'm sooooo happy that they won the game with the Titans for the AFC game, but I was hoping that we would go up against the Chargers. Don't get me wrong, the Ravens can do it, I know they can, but the Steelers???We have had a long history of rivarly with Steelers. Back in 2002, one of the Steelers just had to stomp one of our players, while they were on the ground, on his back, in the stomach, with his cleats! I don't like the team and I never have. This isn't just going to be a game of football, but a game of sneaky, underhanded high school Krap from the Steelers. DCMerkle
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