Did Jesus rsaid NUNS and Fathers can not lead a normal married life like us ?

January 11, 2009 10:55pm CST
Hi everyone please don't take me wrong i am not against christ. But there are things which always confuse me one of them is this.Why is it a NUN never gets married and why a father neve get married? Are they not allowed to lead a normal life like us with their family? Are they forced to do that. Is that commandment came directly from Jesus or some one manipulated it for their on good.Sorry if i hurt feelings of you guys but i need to satisfy my inner soul. To believe in it.
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@veejay19 (3591)
• India
12 Jan 09
I have not read the Bible so i do not know whether Jesus Christ made such a statement.Nuns and fathers( Jesuit Priests) have dedicated themselves to serve the Lord by taking forward his teachings to the common man. If they get married they will be burdened with worldly life which could hamper their work.There are many priests who are married yet conduct services in a church so i do not think there is a hard and fast rule for not getting married.I feel that their decision to remain unmarried will be voluntary. Moreover they have to first lead a monastic life in a monastry or seminary wgere they have to be unmarried so that they can imbibe all the teachings with full concentration. After passing out it is their decision whether to marry or not. Most nuns and fathers choose not to marry and lead a monastic life. It is similar to Hindu Swamis and Buddhist Monks who also lead a monastic life by first learning the processes in an ashram or Buddhist Monastry. Even followers of the Jain religion chose to lead an unmarried life if they want to become monks.
@redhotpogo (4433)
• United States
12 Jan 09
No Jesus never said that leaders of the church couldn't get married. That's a catholic thing. Also nuns aren't ever mentioned.