I found what I thought to be a great way to make residual income

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January 11, 2009 11:59pm CST
Hey, I recently joined this company called GDI after lot of research. Global Domain International (GDI). This company is in existence since 1999. It has also been listed amongst the top US magazines several times as being one amongst the best companies. Simply put, GDI is a company that offers a domain name, a website that you can use anyway that you want, email addresses and hosting for $10 a month. In exchange, by inviting others to view their video, you are given an opportunity to make money, you also get paid for each of those who they invite and join, and on and on. For those who asked how much you can make with this program, there is a calculator included with the presentation, which you can view without any obligation. I will give you this idea: If five of your invitees viewed the video and a collective five of their invitees viewed it, your gain would be $3,905.00. There is a possibility to gain great financial success. Here are a couple hard cold facts. If you sign up for the program, and you do not make any referrals, you are still charged $10 a month. The key to success is your referrals. If they do well, you do well. If you decide to cancel out of the program, you must do it by phone. You cannot do it by email. If for some reason you cannot get it done on the phone, contact your Credit Card Company or PayPal, which I use for things like this, and stop future payments to the company. I spoke of GDI because it seemed to be a good program to jump on. My friend saw financial documents proving the program works. After studying this program, I have a favorable opinion of it. All in all though, you have to have a burning desire to better yourself and you must put effort into anything to be successful. It's that simple. You must evaluate and consider your own virtues. They also offer a 7 day free trail within which u will get an idea on how successful you can be with this company. If u see that you are not able to achieve what you desire within 7 days then you can make a phone call and cancel the account. There wont be any charge levied to you. The best part of this program is that you dont have to do any sort of selling. The video does all the work. All u need to do is forward the video to ur friends and after watching the video they can decide whether to join or not. I have seen statistics that reveal that 95% of Americans after working all their lives retire with less than $2500 in cash. Nearly everyone has the ability to be successful it is just a matter of right choice. One thing is for sure that this company has made future for lot of people and those people are enjoying every bit of it. The company is great, it is entirely up to us on how well we are in getting referals to gain huge income from it. Like they say Oppourtunites never goes waste, if you are not taking it somebody else will" On top of the ability you have with inviting others into the company in order to to make money...you can do whatever you want with your own domain name. Many other GDI members use it to help promote GDI...HOWEVER I am using my to start my own online business. I am going through a drop shipping company to sell products...So really i will be earning money in two ways!!! Please at least take a look at the video to see if it is something that would interest you. IF you are interested in the links PM ME
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@chulce (1540)
• United States
14 Jan 09
Hi, I have also tried GDI, I became so stressed with trying to succeed even a little in the first 7 days that I was getting mad. I followed what they said to do, still no luck. It was very difficult, I finally canceled and now I am looking for better ways. I don't want to have to pay for something and then end up loosing a lot of money. I can't afford to do that right now. I have far to much at stake. If I can find a company to work with that will help me to prosper and I can help them to continue to prosper. I wonder if there is even one out there.