Are you Photogenic?

January 12, 2009 2:57am CST
Well are you? I used to be. Whereby every picture i take, i would look my best. But of late, i have to snap about 10 over pictures to find perhaps i look good in 1 or 2. It's frustrating... Does anyone know how to look photogenic?
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@nick1in (195)
• Lucknow, India
12 Jan 09
I guess people tend to freeze up when their photos are being taken. I guess everyone has their good pose and bad poses. Try some other pose and maybe you will look ok.
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@kttribal (253)
• United States
12 Jan 09
I find that i am one of the least photogenic persons. I hate to take pictures and i never look good in them. If someone takes a picture what they get is what they get. I dont try to look good for pictures. I like to be the one to take the pictures.
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• India
12 Jan 09
I am not photogenic at all. Rather I look worst in photos than I do in real life. Or maybe my mirror flatters me but I do not have a single photo of mine where I am looking good…OK maybe one or two but those were years ago. No I just look like a lop-sided bloated matriarch but I don’t think I actually look so bad