a little mess in blue

January 12, 2009 6:42am CST
today's work is a boring and high-repitition job,while do not need high speciality to qualify.meanwhile,earning life is rather hard to be satisfied,specailly for a man who is nearing the time of marriage should have enough ability to maintain a family.Of course,i have my ambition to my target or ideal positon fo my bank,but lif is a cruel and realistic mixture,the nepotism is playing the first role in elevating someone,special in China which has a long long historical of the doctrine of mean ,thus,perfect competition is imposible while the imperfect one is praviling .new year is forthcoming,prepare presents to main guidance is prevailing results in that i have a tough reason to resent the new year time which is really a new-born situiation,because everyone is hoping the new year time ,then can receive lots of presents and allowance from parents and othe relatives...but now,it just goes to the opposite way...
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