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@aerthi (22)
January 12, 2009 9:57pm CST
Is it good to have a dress code for colleges. i have seen many colleges having different dress codes. for example in our college only chudidars or salwar kameez are allowed. the tops of the chudidars must not b above the knees. i find it a bit strange because i havent even worn a dress like that. i felt very uncomfortable to wear a chudidar. in some colleges they can wear any dress. many deemed universities allow their students to wear any dress to college. pls tell me if dress codes are a requirement for colleges.
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@Jaj_sahi (154)
• India
17 Jan 09
Dress code is Good. 'cos if there's no dress code, you could see a lot of people wearing clothes that are quite 'uncomfortable' to wear and to carry.( I hope you can understand what I mean). As long as you dress decent enough, it doesn't matter. But I dont like it when they say you have to wear only these type of dress with this type of accessories and with these colours and,,, etc.. oh my God.. that'll be too much. But a dress code like prevention of wearing revealing clothes, and indecent clothes, is essential.
@arthi_88 (1518)
• India
15 Jan 09
Hi welcome to myLot first! We don't have any dress code in college and I don't think there should be anything as such cause we are adults and should have the right to wear what we want to but students shouldn't be allowed to wear indecent things either cause its and educational institution and not a place to have a party...Have a nice day!