Is the morals of movies is limited in it only

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January 13, 2009 1:10am CST
Why can't people protest against the war? I think you are all aware of the Israel war and seeing the picture of the victim of the war? Is it good? The child who suffers in it has no right to live in this world? Why couldn't people responding in situation like this? At last it will become a subject of film. The people will see the suffering of the children and weep for them some time in theatre. Is it enough for the children who is facing the war and begging for food? Seeing the picture I feel very pity of the child. How you feel and what is your opinion about it? In the same way I also face a num situation looking the whole world through mylot. I started a blog named I am new in this field and I don't know how to make the publicity of the blog. I asked suggestion of the members in it, but nobody respond. I wonder why? There are so many people come for discussion in this platform then why nobody is responding for it? Why the whole world forgot to respond? Or there is any thing other that drags people from this? What's the idea that leads the human beings of the whole world?
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