what are your goals in life?

@mazdakid (347)
January 13, 2009 2:10am CST
hi all! we grew up being taught that each and every one of us has his or her own purpose in life. some developed good goals, and some developed bad goals. but, whatever the goal is, at least it helps us, as human beings, live our lives with a purpose. in my case, i only have one main goal and three sub-goals in life: Main Goal: to make the most out of my life And my main goal can be achieved by: Sub-goal 1: return my debt of gratitude to my parents by helping them retire comfortably and luxuriously without having to spend their hard-earned retirement savings. i'm going to work hard and invest hard so that i can accumulate enough money to treat them to a great and guilt-free retirement. i mean, i owe my life, values, education and health to them. it is my responsibility to love them back as their son. (and darn it... i'm about to cry right now...) Sub-goal 2: attain my own personal success... for me, this means being able to have my own business and a steady and stable source of income without having to be bossed around as a mere employee. i still am trying to find ways to achieve it, and hopefully i would achieve this soon. Sub-goal 3: help others. i want to help everybody in the best way i can. not just the poor. but even the average people. be it financial or emotional support. these goals may be too ambitious, but hey, it makes life more challenging and more fun. =) how about you guys? what are your goals in life? thanks and happy mylotting!
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