Hong kong how about it people ??

January 13, 2009 3:30am CST
I've been to Hong Kong in my last vacation guys it was really fantastic and huge country with million of people living around.. chinese people were really weird and they walking just like robots do.Also they working all the time and never stop...They have strong culture and believes thats why most of them keep away from others culture as an alien cultures Beside, they never talk to and maybe one or two stare at you with an question mark " who are they ? " well, perhaps we look different and they look the same lol. However, they really kind and sweet specially their kids if you tried to ask them. SO, what do you think ??
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• Singapore
18 Jan 09
Hong Kong is a fun place to be in, I kinda like it myself. I can understand your perception of the locals there, perhaps you've been taking the MTR and got caught up by the mass of people going in and out of the station. The occasional stares you got is a sign they wanted to ask where you are from, but can't possibly do so because not everyone in HK speaks English...and they probably are not sure if you can speak English as well. Nonetheless most of them are good people, there are those occasional rude people, but that's about it. Oh and by the way HK may be a part of China but the mainland is waaaaaaaaaaay different, trust me.
• Qatar
19 Jan 09
hi thanks for your response !! you are right that what I said to my close friend they may have something to say but, they don't have the language... and after all I wish if I could travel to HK again for a month !! thanks again
• China
14 Jan 09
Hehe.. I'm a Chinese and i am glad to hear that you have been to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a big city in China and it is really great. But i don't know why it left you such a impression. I feel a little confused. Weird?? Just like a robot?? Work all the time and never stop?? Why? Personally, we love life and enjoy ourselves often. Perhaps people in Hong Kong are more busy and have many pressure.
• Qatar
15 Jan 09
Hi my friend !! hahaha ^_^ I don't know either why they left us such as impression ?? all what we saw there make as feel in the same way. I knew that people in china " Beijing" are very different, they simple and very kind than people in Hong Kong.so, you got to be one of the people in " Beijing" city or some where there but,not from Hong kong.I guess all Chinese people are different than people in Hong kong perhaps people in Hong Kong are more modern and technology out there and they live close to each other so the environment let them careless for other new people and cultures. I'm really sorry I don't mean to let them bad or something I'm just analyzing facts. let me tell you a story to what made my family and me feel of that one day we have been to chinese village so in the way to there we met an foreigner he said that he lived in Hongkong about 17 years and he never got a friend, even his neigbors and he would really love to but,people in Hong Kong are together more and rarely get contact with foreigners so, they let him feel that he is a stranger for 17 years and he still a stranger !! that is really painful if you thought about it. However, some of them are good and helpful.Finally with all that I wish if I could go there again I loved the country very much.I didn't mean to upset you, and you seam to me good person.I would like to know about you more. thanks ^_^
@bubblyapple (2655)
• Philippines
13 Jan 09
I've been to HongKong once. I think I was fresh out of college then. I went there with my family. I did not have the chance to have a lot of interactions experiences with the locals because we were in a tour group. And as with any tour group, when the tour guide says go, you need to go. I would say that based on my little interaction with them, people in this country are hospitable in their own way. It may not be in the same manner as we are hospitable in our own country, but they did their best. When they saw that we were tourist, they smiled at us and tried to show that we are welcome in their place. They may seem like aloof but I charge it to the fact that they are not fluent in the English language and they may feel inadequate to help us. So in general, I had a very good experience with them.
• Qatar
14 Jan 09
Thanks I really like your response^_^ Ya you are right!! if you went with a tour that may keep you away from locals. I've been their with my family too, but by our own because my brother went before us once and he knows most of things their so, we didn't need the tour guide. people their are hospitable and kind but just people who get used to see such as person like you.I mean people who always see the tourist and you are right about being aloof because they are not good enough in English language so, thats is an a consequence of holding their language and culture so well that keep them away from other culture that much.any way they are wonderful and sweet people in green beautiful country and by the way I wish if I could visit Hong Kong again,because I felt something special out their.How about you my friend??