What's your understanding about love?

January 13, 2009 4:34am CST
how would you know if its a true love or not? when can u tell that you are in love?
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• India
13 Jan 09
There is no such instrument is there to measure that how much you love, or how much they love.. It is a feelings between two different human being, and also its not from the lips, its from the heart.. I read somewhere about the love, "Love is an unexplainable feeling", Wow what a excellent explanations.. Yes, its true, you cannot define that this is love.. and love should like this, love has this type of nature etc..etc.. It gives the different different outputs for the different different people. Someone will write the letters, some one will write the poems, someone will explain in the form of words.. etc.. You can love any one in the world, you can love your mom, Dad, brother and sisters even your friends, and also love has no gender problem you can love both male and female, and also love has no deviations, you can love even animals, love has no restrictions, you can love even a nature like the sea, beach, the mountain, the sun, the moon etc..etc.. "Crazy LOVE" and also "LOVE" is great. Have a good day.