Do you gossip?

January 13, 2009 5:58am CST
It's hard and quite unbelievable if one never gossips. To me everyone does, but to what extent. well, some choose to say that it's for the well-being and out of concern that they gossip, but i feel that talking about someone and spreading bad news about someone is a whole different ball game. So do you gossip? Honestly?
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@gbolly54 (661)
• Nigeria
13 Jan 09
I think everybody engages in one form of gossip or the other, and at one time or the other. It is simply human to do so. However, one should avoid making gossips a regular passtime or engaging in dangerous and destructive gossips. Dangerous and destructive gossips include those based on lies or those intended to damage others.
@aisaellis22 (6449)
• United States
13 Jan 09
Hello regal_aeros! I do talk about someone but not to the point of saying nasty words and spreading some bad things about the person. When I say I gossip, I sometimes said something negative to the person but only to my sister. And it's not that really bad actually. My sister and I will talk about how rude that person is and etc. I think most of us do it.
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@gemini_rose (16194)
13 Jan 09
I used to, quite a lot actually. I then became the subject of gossip quite a few times and witnessed some really nasty gossips at work and realised that it is actually quite hurtful. I mean seeing people gossip about their best friends as soon as their back is turned is quite horrible and so now I dont do it even if I am really curious about what is going on I will not ask or talk about anyone. My hubby says I am not a normal woman because I am not nosey or curious enough, I am I just refuse to talk about folks behind their backs.
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• India
13 Jan 09
i never gossip ,i never had that habit . i think girls are good with gossips ,dont take it seriously ...............